Ladakh Escapade Adventures is an outdoor adventure tour agency located in Ladakh. We essentially operate within the Indian Himalayan range

Ladakh Escapade

Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 5+ years in the Ladakh.
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Green Tourism

Green Tourism or Ecotourism was developed in the 1980s and is usually based on the natural world and only involving small groups of visitors. The strategy also aims to have a low impact on local resources than mass tourism (Byrne et al, 2009).

Ecotourism is predominantly focused on ecological conservation and educating travellers on local environments and natural surroundings. Specific to a category of vacation such as adventure or cultural, whereas sustainability applies to all types of tourism.


IWH tours/packages not only are aimed to purely view and experience the nature surrounding but also to understand the importance of the natural world and in preserving that.

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Core Values

Our Mission:

To provide tourism in the most remote areas of the Himalayas and giving both domestic and foreign tourists the opportunity to experience and explore various cultures, traditions, religions and environments of India. We also endeavour to benefit local communities and protect the environment in which they live in.


Our Belief:


We believe that each small step can make big changes; giving employment to locals, teaching the importance of the environment and how to protect it.

Our Strategy:

Our strategy is to explore new Himalayan regions, valleys, villages, cultures and create programs which can best suit the needs of both foreign and domestic tourists. 

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Sustainable Travel

Ladakh Escapade Adventures strives for sustainable tourism; focusing on travel that has minimal impact on the environment and local communities as well as benefiting the economy. We ensure that every trek and tour is kept clean, following the Leave No Trace principles, as well as protecting the local nature and biodiversity of the area clients travel through. We also ensure that local communities are benefited in the following ways:


  • We buy our requirements from local goods and services such as food and equipment.
  • Hiring experienced locals for IWH organised tours as well as locals within the regions our trips are running through. We also like to ensure your money stays where you spend it.
  • During the treks we use local resources like vegetables and milk from the villages en route.